kill your darlings

live the kitsch

we dance down our creed

there'are too many walls 'raound here

dreams to come, dream to come

wild and untaimed blowers

yaning, fragile heads

all to give, all to mae

free, the music we give


02.06. Köln, Open Air

20.08. Cologne Jazzweek, Ebertplatz, Köln

18.10. Senftöpfchen, Köln

22.10. Umlandfestival, Hagen

19.12. Köln, tba


Past 2021

17.04. Jazzinstitut Darmstadt

01.10. Jazzinstitut Darmstadt

we give in, we all live under the season of menorrhoea, we build a gender that is not a gender, we build our dream out of dust and a rest of sweat , out of a rest of truth and recognition

let us live an innocent thought
of companionship, let us live

we feed the hope that we're not alone, I confess each of us is born alone, dies alone,
let us live, forward a world where we allow to be two sometimes, be many, some day to be united, united in the end

we all love lonelyness of our soul let's give in menorrhea, revolt against the negation of love

let us live an innocent thought of companionship
let's uphold the seldom glance of recognition



LEONEsauvage Presse Text 2021
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